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Evening Post: August 12, 1899.
"She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in a scientific fashion…”

I would love to know what this means.

I think that might be code for “punched him in the balls with devastating accuracy”.


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“Fifty years ago, thousands of young people organized the Mississippi Summer Project, a historic attempt to register black voters in Mississippi, which, at the time, had the lowest black registration rate in the country. Some civil rights workers were killed. Hundreds were beaten. But Freedom Summer, as it’s now known, transformed the national narrative surrounding civil rights by ushering in a new wave of laws that would guarantee equality at the ballot box.

Today, America is at another crossroads in civil rights. People of color represent two-thirds of our incarcerated population. Gun homicide is the leading cause of death among black teenagers. Schools are again re-segregating. Race is still a roadblock in America. We face a stalled Congress, unable to protect our founding values that we are all created equal. And we sit in the looming shadow of a Supreme Court, whose blind eye toward race is equally blind to our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as shown from recent decisions limiting contraception coverage, hurting public employee unions, rolling back voting rights, and increasing the influence of big money in politics.

We, the millennial generation, cannot be “colorblind.” We must choose the path of change.”

“There’s no point to a guy yelling, “Hey sexy baby” at me out of the passenger window of a car as it speeds past. Even if I was into creepy misogynists and wanted to give him my number, I couldn’t. The car didn’t even slow down. But that’s okay, because he wasn’t actually hitting on me. The point wasn’t to proposition me or chat me up. The only point was to remind me, and all women, that our bodies are his to stare at, assess, comment on, even touch. “Hey sexy baby” is the first part of a sentence that finishes, “this is your daily message from the patriarchy, reminding you that your body is public property”.”

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A Vancouver charity, RainCity Housing, is converting city benches into pop-up shelters for homeless people. 

Compassion. We hope you show it to others, and also to yourself. 

new lgbtq women tag



Recently yilduza has requested a tag which could be shared for all women who are attracted to other women, be they lesbians, bisexual, pan, etc - one that is shared and not already in use (e.g. #biphobia #sapphobia, #lesbophobia, etc). A tag for shared experiences…

Firefly Headcanon






Zoe and Wash, while deeply forever ridiculously in love, are not drift compatible.

Zoe and Mal are drift compatible.

Kaylee and Wash are drift compatible, and they have the best piloted, sweetest running…

O.  My.

So lovely.

Orphan Black's Tony Sawicki: Why I'm Disappointed.



Orphan Black took a noteworthy step in the second season episode “Variable and Full or Perturbation” by presenting a trans male clone. My tumblr dash (normally pretty vocal about both Orphan Black and trans issues) has been weirdly quiet about this, so I was left to make up my own mind. (This is a…

From what is mentioned I think it is safe to assume that you are cis and not trans*.

Yes the goods with Tony are very good. His inclusion at all was something I had wanted, but never in a million years thought was ever going to become a reality. The fact that he’s shown with a binder (and not with an ace bandage) is huge in showing kids today that ace bandage binding is not the method to emulate. Additionally he’s shown packing and injecting testosterone. Two additional things that help a trans* guy have a body closer to the one he should have.

Some of what you said about his negatives I wholeheartedly disagree with. First of all I don’t think Tony is Sarah in guy form. I think Tony is much more sexual. He also has a REAL confidence that is just show from Sarah. Sarah’s edges have been smoothed while Tony’s edges are very much jagged. I think being a thief, he’s definitely got some similarities to Sarah, but I think Tony’s character is just as unique to him as any of the other clones. Before Tony, we have had 17 episodes to get to know the other clones, this is only day one for Tony.

Now on to the fact that Tat played Tony. First of all your language is very problematic. Cisgender and transgender are adjectives and should not be used as cisgendered or transgendered. Transgenderdness is also not an acceptable word. It just makes me feel like I have some sort of weird medical condition. 

Second of all I would feel absolutely insulted if Tony were played by a trans* actor. A part of adding Tony to the list of characters is to show how genetics does not equal destiny. How we don’t know how people end up with different sexualities or gender orientations. Laverne Cox is an identical twin. Her brother is a cis man while she is a straight trans* woman. Same exact genetics. Completely different. I have also been interested in twins since I am one myself, and it’s apparently more common than you would think to have one identical twin gay and the other straight. By having Tat play Tony we are saying that he is just as worthy of inclusion as Alison or Helena. No different. I would be absolutely insulted if they had somebody else play him.

I agree that in many cases a trans* actor needs to play a trans* character. (Example: Laverne Cox) But I definitely think there are cases where using a cis actor is BETTER. And this is 100% one of those situations. By using Tat you are saying that Tony is just as worthy of being a clone. He’s just as worthy of being played by the amazing Tatiana Maslany.

I find it a little irksome as well with how Tony was only included for episode 2x08 and wasn’t seen again, but it would have been hard to include him in the remainder of the episodes. The writers have a story to tell and they have to fit everything new into what is existing. Cosima, Sarah, Alison, and Helena’s storylines were all existing and needed to be told already. By bringing in Tony, they had to fit him into the existing plots. Jennifer was the same way though. She existed to die. Her existence was only for Cosima. Katja was only in the show for a minute. Beth even less. These characters only existed for other storylines. 

The way Tony was sent off makes me believe that they have plans to bring him back. And there was a fan interaction with either John or Graeme asking if because of Tony’s testosterone injections, would he be susceptible to the clone disease and the response was that they had never thought about that, but they were interested in bringing Tony back in the future.

Of all the shows with trans* characters (I know there aren’t many) I feel like OB really did a decent job. I think if Orange is the New Black is 5 stars, OB is about 4 stars. Are they perfect? No. But they took huge steps forward in normalizing trans* experience.

I would also like to note that these are just responses to your opinions and are opinions as well. I am genderqueer and I don’t have any experience with packing or T and have a different perspective than say a trans* guy who physically transitioned long ago. I just know that from my perspective as a person in the trans* community this is how I feel.

It’s always nice when a cis person wants more trans* representation and is aware of what may or may not be problematic, but even with the best intentions you are not an insider perspective.

This is kind of long, but I have a lot of feelings and opinions on Tony and he means a whole heck of a lot to me. I hope I gave you some thought provoking comments and/or suggestions and gave you some insight into my world.

Thanks for responding to this! I hope that I acknowledged my limitations in criticising this by calling for responses from trans folks. My gender identity is something I don’t care to discuss much in public forum, and the most I’ll say is that I do have a lot of cisgendered privilege. Given that, I do love productive discussion, and I hope to learn more through sharing my opinions and hearing the reaction of others. 

Thank you for correcting my language. I work hard to try to use proper terminology, but I’m not beyond messing up sometimes. I will stop using that phrasing in the future. I apologize for not doing better research prior to writing this article and forcing people from within the trans community to call me out. 

The point I was trying to make was that Tony and Sarah are very similar characters, and don’t have the same distinction that exists between the other main clones (Alison and Sarah, for example). They’re not the same character, and there’s a lot of nuanced differences. However, I think the show essentialized Tony to his identity as a transgender person, and the hardened criminal swagger was kind of thrown in there to give him personality. This is a matter of my personal opinion, and I respect that you have found enough differences in Tony to make him a distinct character.

I think you may have misunderstood my point about Tat playing a trans man. I feel that having a trans male clone is absolutely consistent with the plot of the play, and the clones as they’ve been written in the play. I think that the statement being made is hugely important: that genetics have very little do to with your gender identity or sexuality. Tony’s inclusion in the story is something that I love and applaud the show’s creators for doing. 

The point I was trying to make was that for me, trans representation in television is transgender actors portraying transgender characters. Laverne Cox is so important for me, because the entertainment industry has a bad habit of casting men to play trans women (Jared Leto in Dallas Buyer’s Club, etc). This perpetuates the idea that trans women are really still men essentially, which is wildly problematic. 

Back to Orphan Black: the show’s creators did a wonderful job explaining Tony’s identity in an affirming way, which I should have given them more credit for. I also want to acknowledge that it would have been impossible to include him in any other way (unless Tat had a trans male twin like Laverne Cox) I am still hesitant to see a transgender man portrayed by a cisgender woman, and chalk it up as representation.

However, I’m glad to hear that you feel that Tony is representation.  The point of representation is to make actual trans folks feel that they’re respectfully and accurately portrayed in media (which means acknowledging the diversity and difference in the trans community as well), which is seems that OB has done for you. Don’t get me wrong: I love Tony’s episode and am delighted that he exists. I wanted to share my hesitations about him, and find out how  folks within the trans community feel about him.

I’m sorry to say that I still feel that the show’s creators copped out when they only included Tony for a single episode. Other clones came and went for the purposes of exposition (and tragedy). Tony came and went to test out how viewers feel about the inclusion of a trans clone. There was so much room for him in the finale (which was terrible imo) but they intentionally chose to send him on his way to test the viewers’ responses. If it turns out that the network feels that he will damage ratings, we will never see him again. I feel that this is half-assed representation. They made it very easy to cut Tony if including him would threaten the show. I understand that you feel that his brief appearance was a matter of plot, and respect your understanding of the situation as such. I very much hope that you’re right in this instance. 

I’m very glad to hear that you find Tony affirming and representative of trans folks. I’m also glad that you shared your feelings in this instance. It means a lot to me that we are able to engage in this dialogue. I hope that you feel that you were respected in this conversation ( my language fuck-ups in my previous post acknowedged and learned from). Again, since I have a considerable amount of cisgendered privilege, your position on this issue means more than mine.

Orphan Black’s Tony Sawicki: Why I’m Disappointed.

Orphan Black took a noteworthy step in the second season episode “Variable and Full or Perturbation” by presenting a trans male clone. My tumblr dash (normally pretty vocal about both Orphan Black and trans issues) has been weirdly quiet about this, so I was left to make up my own mind. (This is a joke. I normally exercise fairly independent thinking.) Here is how I understand the situation (please excuse the cliche)

The Good

Thoughtful, positive trans representation* is so desperately needed in contemporary media. We need more characters, particularly DFAB characters, who push our understanding of gender and transgenderedness. The show portrayed the character injecting testosterone and wearing a binder: it didn’t just gloss over the issues of trans-ness. It tackled it head on. I would also like to acknowledge that this is my perception of this scene as a person with a lot of cisgendered privilege. If you are a trans person and you have negative issues about the way Tony was portrayed, I would love to hear them from you if you would like to share them with me.

The Bad

The magic of Orphan Black is that one woman portrays a dozen other people who all have distinct personalities. We don’t see eleven iterations of the same person; we instead get a bunch of drastically different people with the same face. Every character is dynamic and complex and compelling, and very thoroughly defies any trope you might assign to her. Even Cosima is not defined by her sexuality (and says so in the show); she’s gay, sure, but she’s also a scientist, a nerd, a stoner, classified by her caring attentiveness and easygoing demeanor.

Tony doesn’t get that. He’s basically Sarah if she were a trans man. He’s got the gritty criminal lifestyle, the grunge look, the sarcastic sass that all define Sarah. Beyond that, he’s basically just trans. That’s all we get. To be fair, Tony is not an exact replica of Sarah. Despite Sarah’s rough exterior, she’s got that underlying maternal and distinctly feminine side that makes itself known quite often. This is notably absent from Tony (which isn’t to say that he isn’t caring-his love for his partner shows that- but he’s got a distinctly masculine attitude). At the end of the day, however, Tony is the exception to the rule that the clones are a) wildly unique and b) complex and dynamic characters. 

The Ugly

Okay seriously what I said about representation before really only counts if the actor is trans. Yeah, yeah, I get that having a trans clone is impossible if that person isn’t played by Tatiana, but it troubles me to have a cisgendered woman portraying a trans man. It’s representation of the idea of transgenderedness, but not actual trans people. Is Orphan Black bad for doing it this way? Maybe. I don’t know. I am inclined to say that an intentional and deliberate inclusion of a trans person is significant, but not as significant as the inclusion of a trans person played by and actual trans person. I’m not counting Tony as actual representation, though.

Here’s my biggest rub with the whole thing: Tony was not incorporated into the main plotline. Tony shows up for one episode, then gets written right back out again. Sure, he’s got a phone, so he can come back at any time; but we’ll have to wait and see what the viewer response to him is before we bring him back in any lasting story arc. I get it-including trans folks in television is risky, and the ratings game is tough. But if you’re going to stick your neck out for trans folks and include some type of half-representation for them in your show, commit to it. 
One of the reasons I started watching Orphan Black was because tumblr clued me in to Cophine, and I was really excited about positive gay lady representation. This show is part of a larger pattern in entertainment that shows queer inclusion in television may be possible (although we’re still working on racial inclusion so I’m not going to hold my breath). Including a trans character is such an important step in pushing this improvement to include trans folks as well as cisgendered homosexuals. 

There’s Still Hope

If you bring back Tony in Season Three, and give him a meaningful character and significant story line, I might start to feel a bit better about this. Not about the fact that there’s a cisgendered woman playing a trans man on a major television network-that will still bother me. But it’ll be something. 

I would love to hear from LGBT Orphan Black fans: how do you feel about Tony?

Edit: Someone pointed out to me that some of my language here is problematic. I would like to apologize for said problematic language; it was never my intention to be disrespectful or negative in any way. I’m leaving the text above intact to take ownership of my mistake. I intend to learn from said mistake and avoid such phrasing in the future.